A Cavalcade of Cookies - One Dozen Assorted Choose 3 Varieties


A Cavalcade of Cookies - One Dozen Assorted Choose 3 Varieties


A dozen LARGE 4-5” cookies in 3 varieties of your choice.

Not unlike Gaston’s biceps, these cookies are roughly the size of a barge. Ok, not quite…but they are pretty big.

GoodNight Kitchen bakes with nothing but the best local ingredients, including european-style butter from the Hudson Valley, eggs from Mrs. Quimby’s farm, flour from Vermont neighbor King Arthur Flour and premium mix-ins. Which is to say, our cookies are the very greatest. But let’s be honest: as good as it is to know what’s in our cookies, all your kid (and the friends they’ll make when you send them cookies) will know is how forking delicious they are.

Cookie and brownie orders require 5 days advance notice.

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Cookie Flavor Options:

Not your Classic Chocolate Chunk
The size of a dessert plate, these beauties are crisp on the edges, chewy in the center and loaded with semi-sweet chunks of imported chocolate. Oh yeah, and super buttery too.

White Chocolate Cherry Pecan Oatmeal
A lot of kids don’t like raisins. Mine doesn’t. So I took the classic oatmeal cookie, subbed in tart dried cherries for the (sad) raisins, added toasted pecans and chunks of white chocolate because, well why not?

Peanut Butter
Truly the classic that you remember from childhood, but better ingredients than those cafeteria standards. A little crumbly, a little crisp totally delicious.

Dulce de Leche
An over-the-top butter cookie loaded with a special kind of french white chocolate chip that caramelized when baked. Big, crumbly, buttery. A sophisticated cookie, but so’s your kid.

Double Chocolate Walnut
For the chocolate lover - chocolate chunks, dark cocoa powder, toasted walnuts. Pretty perfect.

Coconut Macaroons are only available in the single flavor option.